Wedding with BELCANTO

A band that turns every wedding day into a magical event!


“As we have been spectators of their mini-
concerts and participations in some other
events, we were sure that they would make our
celebration unforgettable. We were wrong –
Teodor, Svetozar, Toncho and Valentin made
our wedding more than unique not only with
their extremely well-chosen performances and
indisputably huge talent, but they also
demonstrated incredible behavior and
interaction with the audience (our guests) …”

/An extract from Radoslav Markov and Stefana Grudeva-Markova`s wedding recommendation/

What can the Quartet perform during your wedding?

They can perform a wedding mini-concert, sing live your first wedding dance song or make a musical surprise for the father of the bride, for example.

First wedding dance songs such as You Raise Me Up

Or the song Halleluyah which takes us to another dimension

An example of bridesmaids` dance song

It is possible that a song of your choice is performed, even if it is not available in the list which will be offered to you.

“If you are still having some doubts regarding which performer or group to pick for your wedding or some other special occasion, we can admit for sure – you found the people you have been searching for…

Choose Belcanto and get a guaranteed result: magical atmosphere, great mood, a full dancing and most importantly – emotions which your  guests and you will never forget.

/An extract from Attorney Petya Dimitrova`s wedding/

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