Company or Other Private Party with BELCANTO Quartet

Company Parties, Corporate Events – Belcanto – A sound beyond reality…!

In them we saw four exceptional professionals not only during the pre-led communication between us but also during the whole performance and the implementation of their engagements towards us.

We highly recommend the group to all companies and corporations which seek for a unique and memorable party, what ours was. As soon as Belcanto appeared on the stage, they declared their unique presence, introduced an exceptional style and elegance to the event which they kept to the very end.

Additional beauty and grace was added by the ballet which works together with the band, offering an unforgettable harmony between dance and song.

If you are looking for some entertainment, accompanied by a lot of style and

professionalism, Belcanto is the right choice for you, and we, the people from V-Tac Company stand behind that choice.


/An extract from reference of V-Tac/


During the performance of Quartet Belcanto you can expect to hear canzonettas and

evergreens contributing to the higher level of the event and as the show approaches its peak, you will enjoy some famous fast-paced songs which inspire the audience to dance.


Beginning with Canzonettas – Belcanto`s Trademark: Caruso, La Donna e Mobile, O Sole Mio…

Here come the world hits like: Hallelujah, Parla Piu Piano, You rase me up, and others followed by a faster evergreen part.

Finale with Fast Dances! 

Quartet Belcanto will make all your guests feel the special occasion even more deeply. What is more – the audience will not remain indifferent for sure! Some people will just watch, others will dance and even some of them may encounter… a new love.

It was just from the first talk that we realized our choice was the correct one…

A big advantage of the formation that we can point out is that they own very modern equipment – a Michpult and microphones. This facilitates the organizers a lot and provides an excellent sound while their performance is in play.

During the event we totally convinced ourselves that we were attending a real celebration, which was more than a wonderful present for all the employees. It was the very first song that blew up the hall! The repertoire was carefully selected and every subsequent performance provoked even wilder applauses…”

/An extract from a reference provided by DSK Tours/


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